247 Single Window Services, a venture of 247 Network Solutions Private Limited was founded by a team of experienced consultants, with the aim of building long term relationships with our clients by building a professional culture built on mutual respect.


We advise on Joint Ventures, Cross Holdings, Consortia and other Corporate Alliances. We carry Corporate, Legal and Financial Due Diligence, Investigations and handle Regulatory Matters.

Our experts determine the appropriate business entity suitable for business of our clients and advise them on tax status and jurisdiction. We also advise our client on contract management and provide them transactional assistance.

We provide assistance in Foreign Collaborations, Technical or Technology Transfer agreements. We draft and structure commercial transactions and shareholders' agreements, Joint Ventures, Share Subscription and Management Agreements Education, Infrastructure Projects. We have expertise in Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructuring.

We provide assistance in creating executive employment agreements and Stock Options Plans that retain key leadership.

We also provide assistance in Stock Exchange Listing Compliances, IPOs, debentures and other debt instruments.

We formulate business-financing strategies for our clients in key areas of investment and the regulations pertaining to such investment.