247 Single Window Services, a venture of 247 Network Solutions Private Limited was founded by a team of experienced consultants, with the aim of building long term relationships with our clients by building a professional culture built on mutual respect.


Raising of Funds

Our financial services include preparation of detailed project reports on project identification, project appraisal and project finance including workings of cash flows and identification of collaborators, Selection of location for the project and advising on various incentives available, Selection of land, search of titles, and getting required approvals for carrying out industrial/commercial activities on such land and advising on expansion and modernization.

Raising of funds from banks, financial institutions, etc, for working capital, long term loan or overdraft.

Raising of funds from international markets through ADRs, GDRs and ECB.

Buy-back of shares and other securities

Listing of securities/delisting of securities with recognised stock exchanges.

Corporate Restructuring, Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

We provide services on Corporate Restructuring, mergers and amalgamations, reverse mergers, reconstructions, takeovers, acquisitions, demergers, valuation of shares for determination of share exchange ratio and drafting of schemes of amalgamation or arrangement, public offer for acquisition or takeover, and Promoters Agreement.


We Conduct Secretarial audit, management audit, internal audit, environment audit, quality audit, labour audit, operational audit and systems audit for our clients.