247 Single Window Services, a venture of 247 Network Solutions Private Limited was founded by a team of experienced consultants, with the aim of building long term relationships with our clients by building a professional culture built on mutual respect.


Our services inter-alia include:


Our teams are spread across India and are capable of providing efficient and cost effective services. We render our services in such a way that our clients are able to carry their business without fearing for any violations because we take care of all the compliances.

  •  Providing the right staffing solutions and human resources.

  •  Training, support, advice and facilities to job seekers.

  •  Facilitate links between employers and job seekers.

  •  Skill development.

  •  Clarification of queries, providing opinions on specific employment Law issues

  •  Internal audit of Human Resource Law compliance and audit of records and filings maintained by the Client to confirm whether the same are compliant with respective employment Laws the audit includes audit of any and all contractors/vendors engaged by Client to ensure compliance of prescribed norms of employees compensation, pension funds, insurance, ESI, EPF, Provident Fund laws and other regulations

  •  Preparation and submission of report of findings pursuant to the audit, including advising the Client on remedial and corrective action, if any, to be undertaken

  •  Quarterly update of all amendments, changes, ordinances, notifications, new guidelines and procedures under the employment laws are sent to the clients and the clients are advised to take necessary measures to ensure compliance with the same.

  • Liaison and interface, on behalf of the client, with appropriate authority under respective employment laws in all proceedings in the event of an inspection at the facilities of the client, assistance in clarifying any queries that may be raised by the officers in the event of an audit or inspection of the facilities of the client.