247 Single Window Services, a venture of 247 Network Solutions Private Limited was founded by a team of experienced consultants, with the aim of building long term relationships with our clients by building a professional culture built on mutual respect.


We provide variety of services in real estate sector, some of which are:

  •  Due Diligence / Title Research

  •  Investigating Property Title

  •  Issuing Public Notice

  •  Preparation of deeds

  •  Building and development contracts, leasing, license etc.

  •  Negotiate language and changes with parties

  •  Valuation reports along with evaluating site conditions

  •  Permits and licenses from local authorities and government undertakings and addressing insurance claims etc.

  •  Manage correspondence between parties of the transaction

  •  Coordinate scheduling and tracking of deadlines

  •  Assisting and Advising Developers, Contractors and Builders in every aspect of their business from the time of forming of their business to expansion.

We also recommend qualified and competent interior designers, architects, vendors for cost effective implementation of the projects. We have tie-ups with professionals of international standards who provide services to our clients at most competitive rates.